In our directory you will find listings of first class fertility clinics, independent specialists and specialist agencies, sorted by country from all over the world.

You might find that clinics in Spain, Belarus or even Thailand and India, may be more cost efficient and or more appropriate from a legal perspective for the solution to your specific and individual needs.

For example, the legislation on surrogacy and embryo transfer in IVF differs widely from one jurisdiction to another.

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  1. Hi, for a site about human fertility you don’t have much of a clue about the causes of infertility. Pathogenic infections are the cause of most infertility, the endocrine collapse experienced by most people is caused by leaky gut from Clostridium difficile, Candida and Antibiotic overgrowth ( infection), you cannot absorb nutrition correctly without a working digestive system. Relying on IVF to try and resolve this results in miscarriage and an ill child if successful,
    Natural conception and a full term pregnancy is achievable for 98% of people currently with fertility issues.

    • I totally agree with your comments, this has been the situation for me unfortunately, I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 20 years with only early term miscarriages to show for it. The NHS never diagnosed me properly & at points I had some bad care. Then after paying a fortune to see an ex GP functional medicine practitioner I then eventually I found out I hypothyroidism, a leaky gut & very high killer cells, so no wonder I couldn’t fall pregnant easily or carry a baby to term! Now I am over 40 & trying to heal myself & start from base to get pregnant at such an old age, NHS says i’m not allegeable to IVF now! The system needs a complete reform to be more holistic & sensitive to women as individuals.

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