Male infertility accounts for at least 40% of conception difficulties in couples. Male home sperm tests are therefore becoming more popular.

You will learn:

  • The two methods used by home sperm tests,
  • Which are the best home sperm tests and why,
  • The strengths and weaknesses of analysing sperm at home,
  • How to naturally boost sperm quality.

How does it work?

First, a sterile collection cup is used to ejaculate into. Then the semen is placed into a testing bottle containing a fertility reagent test solution. The semen must first liquify for 20-30 minutes, because it is ejaculated too viscous for analysis.

Following test-specific instructions, drops of the mixed solution are placed onto a testing device OR on a plastic sheet to be placed under the microscope.

The test-strip method

Test strip-based home sperm tests are designed to measure the concentration of sperm within a semen sample. This is done by identifying and analysing protein unique to sperm.

On the test-strip results are interpreted after a set time period, usually after around seven minutes. This is similar to a home-based pregnancy test.

A positive result suggests that sperm count is in the “normal” range. This is defined by the World Health Organisation as 20 million sperm or more per milliliter of semen.

Exact sperm numbers are not determined nor are any other sperm quality parameters such as 5 normal shapes or movement; instead these tests only indicate whether sperm count is within or outside the normal range – indeed a very limited approach.

The microscope method

The microscope-based home sperm test is more sophisticated. It allows for an estimate of sperm movement / motility and can therefore give a more conclusive indication of overall sperm quality. Crucially, it can be reused several times.

Analysing sperm quality over the space of several weeks is strongly recommended in order to average out significantly unusual results.

The Best Home Sperm Tests

ExSeed Home Sperm Test

Buy for £149.99 / 166,89€

We compared a range of products available on the UK and EU market, and the clear winner was the ExSeed home sperm test. ExSeed is one of a new generation of products which provides microscopic analysis using your smartphone. This allows you to record a video of your sperm cells and receive an expert analysis of your sample.

ExSeed provides men with a particularly comprehensive sperm analysis by measuring semen volume, sperm count and sperm motility and combining these to produce an overall semen health score. It is a CE certified product and it has a high level of accuracy of over 95%.

ExSeed works with a smartphone app and men can receive personalised lifestyle advice to improve their sperm health based on their results. ExSeed is the most expensive product in our comparison but this does include 5 tests. The testing system itself is also reusable with refill kits, therefore this is a worthwhile investment if you are planning to analyse your sperm regularly to see the effects of positive lifestyle changes.

Micra First Step Sperm Test

Buy for £61.19 / 59,35€

The Micra sperm test by First Step provides a comprehensive microscopic analysis of sperm by analysing semen volume, sperm count and sperm motility. Micra measures the same parameters as ExSeed but it does not use a smartphone and it is less expensive.

However you need to be careful when using Micra. Micra judges sperm count as being low if it is less than 20 million sperm/ml but the medical threshold for low sperm count is less than 15 million sperm/ml. This means that if a man receives a borderline subfertile result with Micra, he may still have a perfectly healthy sperm count. Another reason for caution when using Micra is that there is no indication of the accuracy of Micra’s results and the test is not certified.

Micra measures more indicators of sperm health than many other tests and it is reusable so you can monitor your sperm over a period of time. But make sure you do not place too much weight on these results and if you are in doubt, have your sperm tested by a medical professional at a fertility clinic.

Yo Home Sperm Test

Buy for £84.03 / 65,92€

The Yo home sperm test is similar to ExSeed as it provides a microscopic analysis using your smartphone and you can record a video of your sperm. Yo measures sperm count and motility, but it does not measure semen volume making it less comprehensive than ExSeed.

Compared to other products, Yo has an excellent accuracy level of over 97%. Yo has also achieved both CE and FDA certification which makes it a product you can trust to deliver accurate results.

The Yo testing system is also reusable with refill kits which you can purchase separately. This makes Yo a good option if you want to monitor changes in your sperm quality over a period of time.

 ProductBuy in UKBuy in EU
1ExSeed Home Sperm Test£149.99166,89€
2Micra First Step Sperm Test£61.1959,35€
3Yo Home Sperm Test£84.0365,92€
4SwimCount - HoMedics£42.5949,99€
5Fertility Test - FertilityScore£14.9524,99€
6Male Fertility Test- ALLTEST£7.959,95€
7FertilCount - BabyStart£18.8919,92€
8SpermOK - Artron£21.99
9Sperm Scanner£19.99
10One Step Sperm Test£6.759,45€
11SpermCheck Fertility£28.9142,69€
12Sperm Test- Prima£10.0014,90€
13Sperm Test - Wondfo£9.9914,02€
best home sperm tests comparison table

Click here to download the table in .pdf format.

Advantages of home sperm tests

  • Home sperm tests can help men to gain a clearer picture of their fertility in terms of sperm count. If test results indicate a normal sperm count then it’s likely that this aspect of reproductive health is not compromised.
  • The ability to conduct the test within the comforts of your own home can be appealing for many men, especially with regards to producing the sperm sample.
  • Home sperm tests are a relatively inexpensive way to determine sperm count in comparison with visiting a fertility clinic or local doctor.
  • Easy to perform and the results are obtained quickly.

Weaknesses of home sperm tests

  • As home sperm tests are not conducted in a controlled laboratory environment they are not always accurate.
  • Sperm count is only one aspect of male fertility. Sperm motility (movement), morphology (shapes), volume, white blood cells and pH-range are all important to overall male fertility.
  • Even if sperm count is considered in the normal range after testing at home, this doesn’t mean that there are not other fertility problems.
  • A single home sperm test only captures a snapshot of reproductive health at a certain point. This is not sufficient to determine overall fertility. At least 2-3 tests are recommended to get an understanding of sperm quality over time.

What to consider before testing sperm count at home

  • It takes up to three months for sperm to fully develop. Making positive lifestyle changes and waiting three months before testing will provide optimal results.
  • Regular ejaculation can improve sperm health by encouraging the development of new sperm and reducing DNA damage associated with older sperm1.
  • Sperm count and quality will decline with age. On average, it takes five times longer to conceive if the male partner is aged over 452.
  • Approximately 96% of semen is made up of water. Thus staying hydrated is important for maintaining semen production.
  • Testicles need to be kept cool to support sperm production. Using laptops on knees, taking long hot baths, or spending prolonged time in saunas is not recommended if you are trying to conceive.
  • A healthy diet is essential for supporting male fertility. There are certain nutrients essential for healthy sperm production. Consuming foods rich in these vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements can boost fertility. Regularly taking specially formulated male fertility supplements will help to better support healthy sperm parameters.

Home sperm tests vs. fertility screening

Although home sperm tests have some advantages, a full fertility assessment conducted by a specialist is much more comprehensive and reliable. Only fully-trained and experienced professional will be able to accurately measure all sperm parameters and provide a detailed analysis and explanation of the individual man’s reproductive health.

Performed in controlled laboratory conditions, the outcomes of these fertility assessments are far more exact compared with any home-based testing.

Men wanting to start a family should firstly make positive lifestyle changes, with particular emphasis on diet.

After three months, a fertility assessment with a specialist is recommended to gauge overall reproductive health. Based on these results, it’s possible to identify any potential fertility problems and take appropriate treatment action where applicable.

Male fertility supplements combine many key nutrients to create one powerful fertility-enhancing pill.

We have compared a number of products to help you decide which supplement to choose.

How to naturally boost sperm quality

There are many ways that you can naturally improve the quality of your sperm. One important way to do this is by improving your lifestyle, as this will not only boost your sperm quality but your overall health too.

It is a good idea to maintain a healthy weight by exercising regularly and following a healthy and balanced diet. This includes a good variety of fruit and vegetables to ensure that your body receives all the nutrients it needs for optimal sperm production. Find out more in our article here.

It can be difficult to include all the important nutrients in high enough quantities through diet alone. Therefore male fertility supplements can be a convenient and effective option to boost the production of high quality sperm. There are many supplements available on the market, and we have compared the best products for you in our article here.


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