Several high profile long-term fertility studies have shown that sperm count, movement and shapes have dropped by more than half over 50 years.

Fortunately, more than 100 clinical studies have shown that a group of 15 widely-available antioxidants (for example, from plant extracts), amino acids, vitamins and trace elements can effectively improve these quality factors and reverse this trend.

We have compared 18 of the most popular male fertility supplements based on the nutrient combinations they offer.

Top 5 Summary

1st: Fertilsan M Amitamin

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Fertilsan M by Amitamin has achieved the highest score in our comparison of male fertility supplements. This is because it combines a variety of the most important nutrients for male fertility into one comprehensive supplement.

Furthermore the individual quantities of nutrients in Fertilsan M are large enough to have a positive impact on fertility, making this a high quality supplement. These nutrients include amino acids such as arginine and carnitine, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, and folic acid which is beneficial for men as well as women.

2nd: Fertil M Pro Aminoexpert

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Fertil M Pro by Aminoexpert scores 2nd place in our comparison of male fertility supplements.

Fertil M Pro has an excellent combination of male fertility nutrients, containing 12 out of 15 key nutrients which we have analysed in our comparison. These include pine bark extract, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.

Fertil M Pro has also been crowned the best value product in our comparison as it has the lowest price of all our top five scoring products.

3rd: Fertil Plus Orthomol

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Fertil Plus by Orthomol comes in at 3rd place in our comparison of male fertility supplements. Fertil Plus contains a good combination of nutrients in effective amounts to improve fertility, such as carnitine and selenium.

Fertil Plus is also the only product in our comparison which contains omega-3 fatty acids. However Fertil Plus is also missing certain key amino acids including arginine, and important nutrients such as pine bark extract.

4th: Fertilovit M Plus Gonadosan

Click to buy Fertilovit M Plus by Gonadosan

Fertilovit M Plus by Gonadosan scores in 4th place in our male fertility supplements comparison. Fertilovit M Plus contains many nutrients including carnitine, N-acetyl-cysteine, selenium and vitamin C.

Fertilovit M Plus is also the only product in the top five scoring products of our comparison which contains glutathione and citrulline. However Fertilovit M Plus is missing a number of key nutrients including arginine, vitamin D and antioxidants such as pine bark extract.

5th: Progeny M + Lycopene Umay İlaç

Click to buy Progeny M + Lycopene by Umay İlaç

Progeny M + Lycopene by Umay İlaç scores in 5th place in our comparison of male fertility supplements. Progeny M + Lycopene contains excellent amounts of many key nutrients including folic acid, arginine and carnitine.

Progeny M + Lycopene also contains the highest amounts of vitamin D and co-enzyme Q10 out of all the top five products in the test. However it does not contain any N-acetyl-cysteine or glutathione.

How We Have Rated

We have compared 18 well-known combination products for male fertility available online or on the high street in the UK and Ireland. To compare the products at ingredient level, we have either assigned none, one or two ticks based on the level of their effective dosage.

Finally, only nutrients proven effective in the majority of scientific, peer-reviewed studies were considered. The number of ticks was then added together to produce a final “tick” score.

The comparison shows that differences in price and quality are quite substantial. But paying more does not always mean that you will get more in terms of effective nutrients.

Who should consider fertility supplements?

Sperm production (spermatogenesis) in men is a complex and sensitive process, i.e. to environmental factors such as trauma (temperature, physical) as well as nutritional deficiencies (a poor diet).

The active ingredients are highly concentrated standard nutrients also found in common foods. These fertility supplements are therefore classified as foods. Fertility experts therefore routinely recommend aspiring fathers several months of food supplements as a standard preparation for IVF and other fertility treatments.

The biggest single factor for reduced male fertility is DNA damage caused by oxidative stress. This can be effectively reduced with the right antioxidants.

More nutrients combined are much more effective than fewer or single micronutrients, because “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”.

In fact, however, all aspiring fathers benefit from male fertility supplements, because of their

  • proven efficacy in 55+ scientific studies1
  • high level of safety. In principle they have no side effects and are therefore suitable for continuous consumption,
  • very moderate financial cost, particularly in relation to artificial fertilisation.

The sperm production cycle takes approximately 80 days, which is why the supplements should be taken as soon as the couple starts trying to conceive for at least three months. Preferably, until the partner is pregnant and ideally until the pregnancy is past the critical 12 week pregnancy mark. In addition, aspiring fathers must pay particular attention to their diet and lifestyle (more tips here).

This approach will guarantee an optimal supply of the most important micronutrients to allow sperm production to run at optimum levels.


Taking fertility supplements when trying to father a child is definitely worth it. The fertility benefits of 13 amino acids, vitamins and trace elements are strongly supported by clinical evidence.

These nutrients are often effectively combined male fertility supplements. Many of the combination products indeed include many of the 13 nutrients, however others offer only poor value for money. In terms of cost one should budget between £30 and £60 per month.

Relative to their importance and the physical, emotional and monetary cost of the alternatives, however, that is a minor investment.

Nutrients Boost Male Fertility By Increasing

  • sperm movement by up to 23%
  • sperm volume by up to 33%
  • sperm count even by to up 215% 2
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balanced diet

Male Fertility Nutrients

More than a dozen natural amino acids, vitamins and minerals have proven fertility-enhancing benefits. Sperm cells, however, take 11 weeks to grow to maturity.

Fertility clinics therefore tend to recommend 3+ months of fertility supplements to aspiring fathers prior to attempting conception.

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  1. Imhof M, Lackner J, Lipovac M, Chedraui P, Riedl C. Improvement of sperm quality after micronutrient supplementation. e-SPEN Journal. 2012. 7(1): e50-e53
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  1. Awesome article, male fertility as well as female fertility should not be neglected and should be given an equal value of concern. This article tells about the male fertility which is necessary for all the male to know so i recommend all male to read this article.

  2. Hi am going to get married after 2 months but my question is am bodybuilder usely my body is heat if I go gym it will affect my sex life it will kill my sperm cause of over heating

    • Dear Nigel, yes – periods of abstinence longer than 5 days are thought to reduce sperm count and therefore male fertility as a whole (study).

      If you are intending to father a child you should abstain for 3 days prior to the first BMS (intercourse), which must be timed carefully to coincide with ovulation. This will elevate your semen volume and therefore provide a higher total amount of sperm cells with this first ejaculation. You should then have intercourse a further three times to maximise the chance that a sperm cell will fertilise the female egg. Please refer to our intercourse timing guide & video here.

  3. After our first child for over 5 years now we trying to have another child but its seems there wrong on me.cause my sperms very light after release.thus it means Tht I have low sperm count

  4. I’m trying to have baby 2 tears ago naturally
    My husband have 4 kids before and hes 55 mine I’m45 and dont have kids before
    I did ivf and we dudnt suceed do u suggest that we took fertility smart supplement or what do u suggest

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