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Which partner is more likely to suffer from infertility in infertile couples?

BOTH 20%

What men should know & do

male fertility understood

Male Fertility

In about 60% of the cases, limited male sperm quality is the cause for problems conceiving. Learn about sperm quality and “male factor infertility”.

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YouTube channel videos

Video Channel

We want to help you get pregnant, because we have children ourselves.

Discover our video channel and join our community of more than 50,000 subscribers and 9 million viewers.

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male fertility nutrients

Natural Male Fertility Nutrients

Naturally occurring nutrients are the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to increase chances of pregnancy.

Read which ones have been scientifically proven to boost male fertility.

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Female Fertility

Age, hormones, fallopian and ovarian conditions and more. The biology of getting pregnant explained.

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Calculating Fertile Days

Our ovulation calculator will tell you when you’re most likely to be fertile over the next six months. 

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artificial fertilisation

Artificial Fertilisation

If you have not been successful for more than 18 months, you might consider a supported therapy. Read our detailed guide on the costs, risks and probabilities of the various artificial fertilisation methods.

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Understand Fertility

The basics on how conception works for women and men and what simple things you can do to increase fertility.

Fertility Therapies

There are several types of fertility therapies. Natural without side effects and artificial treatments. Their effectiveness is supported by many clinical trials.

Fertility Shopping tips

Before you consider artificial fertilisation, browse our fertility shopping tips on tools & gadget guides to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Ovulation timing kits, male fertility supplements, home sperm tests. Save time and stress, compare now!

Health during pregnancy

Your lifestyle matters for your baby´s health right from week 1! Why you should avoid alcohol and drugs and what good vitamin levels mean for the development of your family´s next generation.

Fertility Clinics

The world’s most renowned fertility clinics and specialists, both international and local present themselves in our directory. Browse and compare!

Fertility News & Research

Results from studies on fertility and pregnancy. Summarized and easy to understand, also for non-experts in the medical area.



Your website really helped us manage our expectations and be realistic about planning our family. We decided to have our second child immediately to get it all out of the way. Thank you for all the amazing, free info! Victoria xx – Cambridge


Once we understood the link between our diet and fertility we cut out all the processed food, took the fertilsan m supplement and got pregnant three months later. I am now in week 15. I can’t thank you guys enough at human-fertility!! Danielle xo – Lyon

We are pregnant!

I was about to shell out for ICSI, but the information on human-fertility helped me better understand the readings of my semen analysis. This enabled me to take specific and measured action to improve my sperm count and morphology with the right nutrients. My wife is now in week 27 🙂 Fingers crossed, James – Dublin

Improved my sperm

Thanks to the information from human-fertility we postponed IVF treatment and got pregnant naturally with food supplements and ovulation timing. This money is now in our daughter’s Child Trust Fund! Best regards, Richard – Hamburg

We saved thousands

Your website helped us to perfectly plan out a pregnancy around our busy lifestyles. We have been blessed with identical twins and still cannot believe our luck! Thank you so much from a tired but happy Tom and Anahi 🙂 – Barcelona

The perfect plan

We were a bit lost after everyone told us different things about how to get pregnant, but the articles on your website helped us keep on trying. We had our baby son in February. Several of my friends are also subscribed to your site now. I can’t thank you enough! Caroline xx – Gothenburg

We almost gave up

Clinics and Fertility Specialists

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